Shova Shahi living with hope despite double disaster pain

Shova Shahi, 33 is from Chapagaun 8, in Vajrabarahi Municipality, Lalitpur. A son of 12 and a daughter of 6 were the source of her happiness in her the family of four. She used to help her husband to run a bi-cycle repair workshop when he was out in labour works. The devastating earthquake of April 2015 destroyed her house completely. Suddenly, her family was out on the streets. At this desperate hour, she received some support in the initiation of Thecho Women's Cooperative to build a temporary shelter. 

Prakash, the poultry keeper

Prakash Mali, 29, is a resident of Thecho in Vajrabarahi Municipality living with his five family members. He suffered from Polio in his childhood that has affected his both legs and the left hand. He faces a big difficulty in walking as his knees are bent inwards. He has completed higher secondary level of education from nearby high school. For some years, he coached young children renting a room to support his brother's earnings from handicrafts work. But, he could not continue it due to increasing rent.

The earthquake of April 2015 destroyed his 2 and a half storied house leaving only the ground floor for living. The destruction made a big economic impact in the family. Prakash was looking for some income generation activity which he could do in his own house with his limited mobility.

Lucky Kabita

Kavita Maharjan lives in Khasi tole (lane) in Siddhipur Ward no. 13. She has a family of five with her husband and three children: two daughters and a son. The couple used to run a kind of restaurant in a rented house. Not only the locals but also people from far away used to visit their place on weekends for a delicious meal.

April 2015 earthquake was a nightmare for her family. Kavita was preparing food in the ground floor when the earth started to shake. She heard the screams of her children upstairs who were buried by the debris when the upper floors of her rented house collapsed. She could not think of anything else but the children. She at once jumped to the upper floors but the earth shook again and buried her also. She was in pain and agony. Her neighbours rescued all of them after some hours. Her children suffered only minor injuries but she was badly injured. She spent 46 days in hospital and had three surgeries. "I got a new life", she recalls.

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