Community-led Eco Housing Project in Pokhara

The case on community led housing project implemented by Lumanti Support Group for Shelter in Pokhara incorporated in the Habitat – III National Report published by Government of Nepal, Ministry of Urban Development.


The access to housing for low-income groups of the society has not received much attention in the government programs nor has the private sector been able to cater to such housing needs in the present context where the government’s direct involvement in housing is very limited. Social housing schemes like cooperative housing are yet to be initiated. However the community- led eco housing project initiated by Lumanti in 2012 in partnership with Homeless International, a UK based NGO, in Pokhara Sub-Municipal Corporation under the Community Led Infrastructure Finance Facility (CLIFF) program, can be taken as a good example of providing access to housing and infrastructure for low-income families in a sustainable manner.


Women: The Silent Change Agents

- Lajana Manandhar

Introduction to Lumanti 

Lumanti was established as a not for profit organization in 1994.  Lumanti aims to contribute in alleviating poverty through secured and improvement of housing and socio economic conditions of the poor people in the urban areas of Nepal.  The housing is in the central of Lumanti’s work and sees strong relationship of the finance, basic facilities, governance, empowerment, resilience with housing.  Without strengthening these means, housing will remain in isolation, and isolated housing will be a challenge to make it secured, resilient and sustainable.  Therefore, from the beginning of its establishment, Lumanti has focused its work in organizing women in the slum and poor communities through saving and credit activities, helping them to have easy access to finance and feel empowered.   

My Home – resilient but costly!

Apsara Acharya is a single mother living in Rasuwa with her three children (two daughter and a son).She was feeding her animals outside her house when the devastating earthquake hit the ground in April 25,2015. Her house collapsed completely and they rushed to the open ground immediately. Apsara recalled, "For about 15-20 days, I was in complete dilemma, totally confused about what to do and what not to do. My family together with other families from our community managed to stay in the tents at the roof top of the house that remained undamaged. We had to struggle a lot with heavy storm and rain." 

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